11/02/16 – Launch Sites and Weather


Tonight we looked at weather forecasts and discussed possible launch sites using Google Maps, Didi Maps and weather forecasting web sites. Potential locations for the launch are:

  • The School Field
  • Saunton Beach
  • Braunton Burrows
  • North Devon Athletics Track
  • The Great Field

We walked out to the school field to RECCE the location and look at its suitability. We spotted a couple of potential obstacles (trees and a nearby hill). We discussed the estimated speed of ascent and talked about the effect that any wind may have on the launch. Back in class, using Digi Map, we found out the height of the hill and the distance away. Now we need measure the field and to work out the height of the trees. We then discussed how we could use a mathematical calculation to measure the height of the trees and using this how we could work out if it would be possible to launch the balloon from the field using line graphs for each wind speed.

Club members pointing out some obstacles
Learning how to measure wind speed with an anemometer
East hill and the first tree obstacle
The other tree obstacles



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