03/03/16 – Site Survey and Predictions

Tonight was the first Pi, Code and Chips club since before half term. During the club we went over several aspects, fund raising, site survey and flight prediction software.

Fund Raising – We have a healthy collection of prizes for the raffle, all donated by local businesses (approximately £150 worth):

  1. Number 7 Mens grooming kit
  2. Beauticology foot spa kit
  3. Clinique gift kit
  4. Beautiful hair set
  5. Number 7 Hair protecting spritz
  6. Tokidki make up set
  7. Dispicable Me fragrance duo set
  8. Clarins beauty gift
  9. Estee Lauder gift
  10. Number 7 gift set
  11. Squires / SQ £20.00 voucher
  12. Yummies £5.00 gift voucher
  13. Riverside ‘Coffee and Cake’ voucher
  14. Mystery prize

We are planning on selling raffle tickets from Monday 07/03/16.

Site Survey – At the last club night we discussed how to measure the height of the trees in the school field, to identify its suitability as a launch site. With a homemade clinometer (protractor, string, weight and sighting straw) and trundle wheel, we measured both trees and came up with  12.5 and 19 metres.



Flight Predictions – HAB flights can be tracked using a fantastic free tracking system called habhub at http://www.habhub.org. This site also includes a flight predictor which we used to predict a dummy flight if launched today. We ran a prediction and if we launched today it would have flown in a South Easterly direction, crossed the channel and landed in Cherbourg!!



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