30/04/16 – Club Update

Thursday was the first meeting of the club this term, as this is a new term as well as some of the original members we have a few new ones; Leo, Eve, Johna and Amelie.

In order to revise what was covered last term and to enhance an understanding of the project I set the club members a task involving a series of questions and tasks. The question covered things like what key electronics will be in the payload to performing a flight prediction using the habhub predictor here. The new members performed extremely well considering much of the terminology was new to them.

The questions / tasks were as follows:

  1. What does HAB stand for?
  2. Visit UKHAS.org.co.uk
    1. What does UKHAS stand for?
    2. In the beginners guide (safety) why don’t we use Hydrogen?
  3. Using tracker at HabHub.org what balloon call signs are currently in the air?
  4. Using the predictor on the same site, if we launched from here today were would our balloon land?
  5. Who is Dave Akerman and why is he relevant?
  6. Have a look at our web site:
    1. How high are we hoping to reach with our flight?
    2. What 3 key electronic items do we need in the payload?
    3. How will we stop our balloon from falling to fast?
    4. How will we find our balloon?

Here the answers from two of the club members working together:

  1. High Altitude Ballooning

2a. UK High altitude Society

2b, Because it is explosive

3. KD0ZTV-4,W7QO

4. Yeovil

5. He fly’s balloons with raspberry pi

6a.100,000 feet

6b.rasberry pi computer, parachute, raspberry pi camera

7. Parachute

8. Tracker


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